Commercial & Industrial ESS – Outdoor Cabinet

  • battery energy storage system


Looking for a versatile outdoor energy storage solution? Check out our 30 kW/90 kWh cabinet! Perfect for demand regulation, peak shifting, and C&I ene


30KW/90KWH Commercial & Industrial ESS – Outdoor Cabinet

outdoor cabinet

Outdoor energy storage cabinet, with standard configuration of 30 kW/90 kWh, is composed of battery cabinet and electrical cabinet. It can apply to demand regulation and peak shifting and C&I energy storage, etc. Split design concept allows flexible installation and maintenance, modular design concept is easy to integrate and extend. The battery cabinet matches various mainstream PCS.

description of outdoor cabinet


  • High charge/discharge efficiency
  • Advanced thermal management system
  • LiFePO4 battery compatible with reliability and energy density
  • Modular design, quick delivery
  • Small footprint, flexible installation, easy maintenance, expansion to MW-level system


Small-scale renewable energy power generation, user-side response, integrated energy management for C&I park


Item Parameter
Rated capacity 81.9kWh
Rated power 30kW
Rated voltage 380/480V
Voltage range Un(1±5%)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Adjustable power factor 0.8~0.8
Operating mode Grid/Off-grid
Communication interfaces RS485/Ethernet/4G
Communication protocol Modbus/IEC104/MQTT/opc UA
Protection degree IP55
Altitude ≤2000m
Max. efficiency 86%
Allowable relative humidity range 5~95%non-condensing
Cycle life ≥4000(25℃,0.5C charge/discharge, 90%DOD,EOL≥80%)
Operating ambient temperature range -20~45℃
Weight 1300kg
Dimensions 2300*1000*1200mm
Certification UL1973/UL9540/IEC62619/UN38.3