Won another 9.52MW new energy microgrid project in Niger

  • 2023-12-25 15:43
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At the beginning of Chinese New Year 2023, ZT Microgrid (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. once again received a good report from the front - ZT Microgrid Niger Branch successfully signed a 9.52MW new energy Energy Storage Systems project in Niger's Dosso and Tawa regions.
This project is another key project signed by Centron Microgrid in Africa after the Agadez light-wood storage microgrid project. Facing new challenges, Zhongteng people are ready and confident to win the recognition and affirmation of all parties again with a professional and efficient spirit and perfect service.

The 9.52MW solar storage project in the Dosso and Tawa regions of Niger is financed by Islamic Development Bank, and ANPER is the project owner of the project.
The project is an EPC turnkey project, including the design, supply, and installation of three sites, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months, including the construction of 9.52MW PV and 14.5MWh energy storage plants and the attached 33kV booster station.

As one of the most backward countries in West Africa, Niger has a weak economic foundation and a very low electrification access ratio. According to the World Bank's statistics in 2020, Niger's national electrification access ratio is only 19.3%, and even only 13.4% in remote villages. Therefore, the use of photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources to quickly set up mini-grids has become a popular energy solution in the country and even in the surrounding areas.

As a major economic province in Niger, Dosso, and Tawa, where this project is located, are important bridges to drive the development of the eastern and northern regions of Niger. The completion of this project in Dosso and Tawa will enable renewable energy to be delivered to more villages and homes, bringing light and hope to more poor people living in remote areas.

Zhongteng Microgrid has been committed to cultivating the overseas microgrid market and has been serving the less developed remote areas and island countries for a long time, with rich experience and leading technical strength. Through years of industry precipitation, Zhongteng Microgrid understands the pain points of customers' needs and insists on attaching importance to product upgrade and iteration, fully utilizing its self-developed EMS energy management system, GDP data collection and cloud monitoring platform, SP series energy storage inverter and energy storage system, etc., which have been field tested and hardware and software upgraded at project sites in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, so that the products can keep up with technological innovation and better serve our customers.

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