CATL: Mass production and delivery of new generation 5MWh EnerD liquid cooled energy storage prefabricated tanks

  • 2024-05-07 16:20
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*CATL 5MWh EnerD series liquid-cooled energy storage prefabricated cabin system

On August 23, the CATL 5MWh EnerD series liquid-cooled energy storage prefabricated cabin system took the lead in successfully realizing the world's first mass production delivery.

As the world's leading provider of energy storage solutions, CATL took the lead in innovatively developing a 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage system in 2020, and then continued to enrich its experience in liquid-cooled energy storage applications through iterative upgrades of technological innovation. The mass production and delivery of the latest product is another time CATL has led the development of energy storage systems through technological innovation and brought new breakthroughs in the field of energy storage.

A new generation of 314Ah batteries to create higher energy storage efficiency

EnerD series products adopt CATL's new generation of energy storage dedicated 314Ah batteries, equipped with CATLCTP liquid cooling 3.0 high-efficiency grouping technology, optimize the grouping structure and conductive connection structure of batteries, and adopt more modular and standardized methods in the design and manufacturing process Designed to achieve a 20-foot single-cabin power increase from 3.354MWh to 5.0MWh. Compared with the previous generation of products, the new EnerD series liquid-cooled energy storage prefabricated cabins save more than 20% of the floor area, reduce the construction work by 15%, and commission and operate Dimension costs have dropped by 10%, and energy density and performance have also been significantly improved.

Multi-dimensional protection design, firmly grasp the cornerstone of energy storage safety

Safety is the cornerstone of energy storage. CATL adheres to the safety design concept of building a multi-level safety system for the whole life cycle, and improves the safety of EnerD series products as a whole from four levels of battery intrinsic safety, electrical safety, thermal safety, and fire safety.

CATL EnerD series products adopt the industry's first BMS thermal runaway alarm and fire protection system linkage technology, which simplifies the overall structure of the fire protection system and solves the problems of poor reliability and high cost caused by the traditional battery pack multi-detector and multi-battery valve fire protection solutions. Up to now, CATL's batteries, boxes and battery clusters have obtained the authoritative certification of GB/T36276.

Trials of hard work, forging EnerD's ability to adapt to all scenarios

During the one-year development and testing verification, CATL EnerD series products have passed 80+ items of safety tests for battery cells, 30+ items for battery modules, and 50+ items for container levels.

The test results show that CATL EnerD series products have stronger environmental adaptability, and can realize the normal operation of equipment in high-altitude and high-cold regions. The EnerD series products can still maintain the rated power output at an altitude of 4000m, and can be used at an altitude of 5000m. In the region, normal operation can be achieved in a low temperature environment of -40°C, and the product performance is leading the industry.In addition, in order to flexibly adapt to various application scenarios of energy storage, CATL EnerD series products also have the adaptability of various PCS routes and grid-type energy storage projects, which can meet the diverse needs of new power systems.

Under the goal of global carbon neutrality, CATL is committed to providing first-class energy storage solutions for global new energy applications. At present, based on different application scenarios of energy storage, CATL has launched a variety of energy storage battery system solutions with high charging and discharging efficiency, long life, high integration and high safety.

In the future, CATL will continue to focus on the innovation of energy storage system solutions, provide safe, efficient and economical electrochemical energy storage systems for a wider range of energy storage application scenarios, help optimize the energy structure, strengthen the security of the power system, and take practical actions to contribute to global carbon emissions. Make more contributions to the realization of the ambitious goal of neutralization.


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