CATL releases Tianheng energy storage system! Zero decay in 5 years! 6.25GWh!

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Recently, "CATL" broke another big news!


CATL, the leading lithium battery company, has launched the world's first new energy storage product - Tianheng Energy Storage System.


CATL Tianheng Energy Storage System


Five years of zero attenuation, rewriting the anxiety of attenuation, CATL released its second "king bomb" in the beginning of the year.

It has 4-dimensional true safety, zero attenuation for 5 years, and 6MWh level features. The energy density per unit area is increased by 30%, and the total site area is reduced by 20%. It can be mass-produced and delivered.

This is also the biggest surprise that CATL brings to the future energy storage industry!




In recent years, with the influx of capital from all walks of life, the energy storage market has grown rapidly, and the industry has even become a red ocean. Overcapacity and price wars have become problems for the development of the industry.

Just now, CAT made a big move in the field of energy storage!

CATL releases Tianheng, the world's first energy storage system that has zero decay in five years and can be mass-produced.


CATL Tianheng Energy Storage System


CATL Tianheng energy storage system has three outstanding characteristics:

First, the world's first 5-year zero attenuation system, which can be mass-produced;

The second is to achieve high energy of 6.25 MWh in a standard 20-foot container;

The third is a dedicated quality management system for energy storage to build ultimate safety.


To sum up, the Tianheng energy storage system has the characteristics of 4-dimensional true safety, zero attenuation for 5 years, and 6MWh level. The energy density per unit area is increased by 30%, the total site area is reduced by 20%, and it can be mass-produced and delivered.

This "king-fried" new product also corresponds to its previous warm-up information, and is associated with multiple labels such as "ultra-large capacity", "attenuation anxiety", "protecting safety", etc., and was evaluated by CATL as "another breakthrough in technical strength" , rewriting the attenuation life curve of energy storage products."

Zero decay usually means that the battery's capacity can still remain at its initial state without decay after multiple charge and discharge cycles.

Everyone knows that as the number of uses increases, lithium iron phosphate batteries will have a certain energy attenuation, but CATL can achieve zero attenuation within 5 years. This shows that "Ningwang" has the world's top battery technology and is capable of what no one else can!

Zero capacity degradation for five years is a milestone for long-life lithium batteries, but zero power degradation is also crucial for energy storage power stations committed to meeting the needs of new power systems.

The reason why it can achieve zero decay for 5 years is because the Tianheng energy storage system adopts bionic SEI and self-assembly electrolyte technology, which successfully solves the problem of high activity of lithium metal, effectively curbs the thermal runaway phenomenon caused by oxidation reaction, and assists The power consumption of the machine is controllable throughout its life cycle and does not increase, truly achieving "freezing age" from the inside out.




In fact, CATL had started the research and development of long-life zero-attenuation technology as early as 2016. In 2020, it successfully developed the industry's first ultra-long-life lithium iron phosphate battery (lifepo4 battery) with a cycle life of more than 12,000 times and zero attenuation in 3 years. Since the project was put into operation three years ago, it has always maintained its rated capacity and its annual utilization rate has remained above 98%.


This time CATL's Tianheng achieved zero capacity attenuation in the first five years and zero power attenuation in the first five years, which is a milestone in the world's long-life lithium batteries!


CATL Tianheng Energy Storage System


Battery cell cycle life is the core influencing factor in the current full life cycle cost of electricity. The lithium battery life of Tianheng products can achieve 15,000 laboratory cycles.

Based on the current daily "two charges and two discharges" of independent energy storage power stations and industrial and commercial energy storage, the cycle life of 15,000 times can reach 20 years.

When the cycle life of the energy storage battery is increased to 10,000 times, the energy storage cost will drop to less than 1,000 yuan/kWh. After deducting charge and discharge losses and depreciation, the cost per kilowatt hour will be less than 0.16 yuan, lower than pumped hydro storage.

It is foreseeable that if double "zero attenuation" is generally realized in real application scenarios, the future of energy storage will be bright and smooth!

It is worth mentioning that the Tianheng energy storage system can not only achieve zero attenuation of power and capacity for 5 years, but also achieve high energy of 6.25 MWh in a standard 20-foot container, increasing the energy density per unit area by 30%. The total site area is reduced by 20%, and the energy storage technology ranks first in the world.

Changes in the battery industry are sudden changes with technology, and CATL's technological leadership is an objective reality. CATL's latest financial report pointed out that the first-generation sodium-ion batteries and M3P batteries have been mass-produced on Chery models. Kirin batteries with peak 5C fast charging have achieved mass production in cooperation with Ideal. Shenxing batteries will soon be supplied to many car companies.

Except for the fact that condensed matter batteries with energy densities as high as 500Wh/kg currently have technical difficulties in the industry, CATL has almost no technical shortcomings.




In fact, considering CATL’s investment in the energy storage track in recent years, it is not surprising that it can make such a “big move”!

Since the establishment of a separate energy storage division in 2018, it has been positioned as the company's key development direction; by 2021, the energy storage business has accounted for more than 10% of CATL's total revenue.

From 2018 to 2023, CATL’s energy storage segment’s revenue surged from 189 million yuan to nearly 60 billion yuan.

Last year, among the top ten global power battery manufacturers, Chinese companies accounted for six, and the remaining four seats were occupied by Japanese and Korean companies. Among the six Chinese companies, the top two, CATL and BYD, as well as China Aviation (sixth) and Yiwei Lithium Energy (ninth), have shown an increase in their market share.

According to statistics from SNE, the total global power battery usage in 2023 will be approximately 705.5GWh, a year-on-year increase of 38.6%. CATL's power battery usage last year reached 259.7GWh, a year-on-year increase of 40.8%, and its market share was as high as 36.8%. Currently, CATL has ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years and is the only battery manufacturer in the world to occupy more than 30% of the market share. .

BYD's power battery installed capacity in 2023 will reach 111.4GWh, a year-on-year increase of 57.9%, with a market share of 15.8%, ranking second in the world.

If the product sells well, the financial report must be good as well. CATL's 2023 financial report is completely "explosive"!

On the evening of March 15, the 2023 annual report disclosed by CATL showed that the company achieved operating income of 400.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.01%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 44.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.58%.

Among them, CATL energy storage battery system achieved revenue of 59.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.17%, exceeding the year-on-year growth rate of the company's total revenue, accounting for 14.94% of CATL's revenue, and has become CATL's second largest company after its power battery business. Great source of revenue!

Immediately afterwards, CATL became so angry that it proposed a profit distribution plan of over 22 billion yuan. This was not only a new high in the history of CATL, but also exceeded 1/5 of the company's undistributed profits.

260,000 shareholders party all night long!




As we all know, the future foundation of AI and new energy is energy storage, and CATL will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary!

Before the launch of Tianheng, everyone would inevitably think that CATL, with annual revenue of 400 billion and a market capitalization of nearly one trillion, would hold a press conference in such a "mobilizing and crowd-pleasing" manner, which was full of bragging rights;

In fact, this is not the case, "Ning Wang" has a more profound value appeal!

Judging from the current development status of the industry, this value appeal is to end "ineffective involution" and lead the industry onto the path of high-quality development.




Energy storage is a key part of the energy revolution and power transformation!

The energy efficiency bottleneck of traditional energy has become a key sticking point in the technological revolution, while emerging clean energy is still subject to unstable output, so improvements in energy storage technology are indispensable.

According to data provided by the China Electric Power Research Institute, by the end of 2023, my country's wind/solar power generation accounted for 15.3%, and some wind and photovoltaic power generation accounted for more than 20%. The gap in regulating and supporting power supply is getting larger and larger, and the security of new energy sources Operation and efficient utilization face huge challenges.

At this time, CATL, as the leader in lithium batteries, launches energy storage system brands and products with great fanfare. 

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