CATL Unveils Shenxing PLUS: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Range and Charging Speed

  • 2024-05-15 16:48
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catl shenxing plus super charge battery


During Auto China 2024, CATL introduced the Shenxing PLUS—the world's first LFP battery to achieve a range of over 1,000 kilometers coupled with 4C superfast charging. Just eight months following the debut of its Shenxing superfast charging battery in August 2023, CATL has advanced LFP battery technology, marking a new phase of superfast charging across the industry. The Shenxing PLUS battery's 1,000-km range ensures travel without concerns, allowing vehicles to drive from Beijing to Nanjing without needing a recharge. This capability supports daily urban commutes and extends to longer inter-provincial journeys.

The impressive 1,000-km electric range is the result of continuous innovation in technology. The Shenxing PLUS cathode utilizes granular gradation technology to position each nanometer particle ideally, achieving ultra-high compact density. Its anode features a proprietary 3D honeycomb-shaped material that enhances energy density and controls volume expansion during charging cycles. A pioneering single-piece casing optimizes internal space, enabling Shenxing PLUS cells to achieve unparalleled energy density levels. On the system level, the Shenxing PLUS battery pack employs an optimized topological structure based on module-free CTP 3.0 technology, increasing packing efficiency by 7% and pushing the energy density beyond the 200 Wh/kg mark for the first time, reaching 205 Wh/kg.

Additionally, Shenxing PLUS boasts rapid charging capabilities, delivering a 600-km range in just 10 minutes of charging, significantly outperforming existing market options. This translates to a charging speed of one kilometer per second. This rapid charging is facilitated by advanced technologies such as fast lithium-ion conductive coating, the addition of transition metal elements, and new nanometer encapsulation, enhancing energy transmission between cathode and anode materials. CATL has increased the terminals' overcurrent area and capacity within the battery system to efficiently dissipate heat during high-current charging sessions. Furthermore, CATL's newly-developed AI polarization model within the BMS core algorithms predicts and manages the charging current in real-time, ensuring faster and more intelligent energy replenishment.


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To complement these technological advances, CATL is also rolling out the Shenxing Superfast Charging Network to establish the largest superfast charging service platform in China. Collaborating with top industry partners such as Star Charge, YKC, and Shudao New Energy, CATL aims to enhance the mobility experience for owners of vehicles equipped with Shenxing superfast charging batteries. The upcoming Shenxing superfast charging vehicle owners club, which will operate in over 600 service outlets across 271 prefecture-level cities in 31 provinces, will offer services including roadside rescue and battery maintenance.

Through these initiatives, CATL is not only extending the boundaries of technology but also fostering a comprehensive superfast charging ecosystem, integrating batteries, networks, platforms, and services to support the future of new energy vehicles.

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