CORNext Showcases Submerge Battery Safety System at Xi'an Energy Conference

  • 2024-07-03 16:42
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CORNext Unveils Submerge Battery Safety System at Xi'an Energy Conference


The China Oil & Gas and New Energy Integration Development Conference and New Technology Achievements Exhibition took place from June 26 to 27, 2024, in Xi'an, China. At the event, CORNEX delivered a keynote speech on the "Submerge Battery Safety System," showcasing its comprehensive solutions and applications. This presentation garnered significant attention from industry experts and scholars. The conference attracted a distinguished group of participants, and CORNEX engaged in in-depth discussions with leaders of major central enterprises, university professors, and industry experts.

Organized by the China Petroleum Society along with China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and other units, the conference focused on the latest research, policy standards, technical equipment, and development practices in integrating oil, gas, and new energy. The goal was to develop new quality productive forces and promote high-quality development in China's oil and gas and new energy sectors through extensive exchanges and cooperation.

On the afternoon of June 26, CORNEX Executive Vice President Bu Xiangnan delivered a keynote speech at the main venue, addressing the safety hazards associated with lithium-ion battery energy storage products. He detailed and demonstrated CORNEX's "Submerge" battery safety system, a groundbreaking advancement in battery intrinsic safety, system design safety, and installation, operation, and maintenance safety.

Bu Xiangnan highlighted the frequent occurrence of lithium battery thermal runaway fire incidents, emphasizing that there is no absolute safety, only relative safety. CORNEX has consistently prioritized addressing customer pain points and implemented the concept of "safety being designed." The "Submerge" battery safety system is designed to achieve Pack-level active fire protection, precise fire suppression within 70 seconds, no heat spread, and no additional system risks. This system effectively addresses thermal runaway energy storage battery issues, ensuring the safety and reliability of energy storage systems. The Submerge system has been awarded over 100 patents, published in the Chinese core journal "Fire Science and Technology," and received the "Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award" and "2023 Best Energy Storage Fire Solution Award."

The Three Gorges Energy Qingyun Energy Storage Phase II Demonstration Project, the nation's premier grid-side shared energy storage power station, was the first to implement CORNEX's "Submerge" battery safety system. Now fully operational, it meets the stringent reliability, stability, and safety requirements of energy storage power stations. CORNEX has made significant progress in promoting its proprietary "Submerge" battery safety system to large-scale demonstration projects, providing continuous system-level verification for energy storage safety, fostering advanced energy storage technology applications, and setting a benchmark for core values and industry innovation. CORNEX's "Submerge" battery system has been successfully applied in numerous large-scale projects, achieving significant safety, environmental protection, and economic benefits.

The "Submerge" battery safety system, developed by CORNEX, received significant industry recognition and high praise at the conference. Experts regarded it as a major technological innovation, setting a new benchmark for the battery industry's development. They also recognized it as a key reference for the integrated development of the oil, gas, and new energy sectors. Amid the accelerated transformation of the global energy landscape, the integrated development of traditional oil and gas and new energy industries has become an inevitable trend. CORNEX remains committed to technological innovation and self-innovation to contribute to the green energy transformation and sustainable development of the country.


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