1MWH 2MWH Energy Storage System with 40 ft container

  • 2024-05-23 14:34
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We cooperate with leading lithium battery energy storage system engineer designed 1MWH and 2MWH Energy Storage System. They are installed in a 4 feet container, with 1MWH 2MWH and 3MWH with 400VAC output. we provide turn-key Energy storage projects.

Providing design service. they are vey good power solutin for island citizens plus solar panel power station.

We are cooperating with Midives to set up 10pcs 2MWH Energy Storage system with 70kw solar power station and 20pcs 1MWH ESS with 30kw solar power station.


1MWH 2MWH Energy Storage System with 40 ft container 2MWH Energy Storage System with 40 ft container

For smaller requirement on Energy Storage requirement, we have also other solutions with 20 feet container Energy Storage System with  500KWH and 10kw rated power.

we are desiging brand new solar power station for Africa market. we provide solar power station + Energy storage system. There are 20kw/ 50kwh solar power station, 50wh/1MKWH solar/ wind power station.

500KWH Energy Storage System with 20ft container

We also have smaller ESS with 5kwh, 10kwh 20kwh and 30kwh energy storage system for home application and small commercial application
we are also providing 12V lithium battery pack for solar-powered street light and now is providing lithium battery for lighting Africa

Solar Panel + Container Energy Storage System

We are desining  new production with Solar panel + Container storage system with full power solution for micro grid application. which is used in island, remote area and other places where don't have stable grid power supply. We can provide solutions with different capacity from 20kwh to 3MWH.

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