CATL official announcement: the first landing of the Shenxing superfast charged battery Chery Starway Star Era

  • 2023-12-28 10:33
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On 16th October, Chery Group and CATL jointly announced that the Shenxing supercharging battery had landed on Chery Xingtu Xingjiyuan, and the strategic partnership between the two parties has been further deepened.

Shenxing superfast charging Battery Landed in Chery Starway Star Era
According to the introduction of CATL, it took only 2 months from the release of Shenxing superfast charging to the first model, which realized the speed of Shenxing of "fast charging, fast boarding, and fast mass production". Relying on the leading manufacturing capability of CATL, the Shenxing superfast charging battery will be mass-produced by the end of 2023, and the models equipped with the Shenxing superfast charging battery will be officially launched in the first quarter of next year. In the future, Chery Group and NDT also plan to simultaneously promote Shenxing superfast charging Battery models in overseas markets, exploring the markets in Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN, and North America, and jointly promoting the early realization of global electrification and the national dual-carbon goal.

The Shenxing superfast charging Battery equipped in the Xingtu Star Era model 
According to NDT, as the new energy industry enters the second half, user demand has changed to the pursuit of fast energy replenishment, and super-charging users are moving from pioneering users to mass users. Shenxing superfast charging responds to the user's demand for ultra-fast charging, long-range, full-temperature flash charging, and high-security battery products promptly, and realizes the ultra-fast charging speed of "charging for 10 minutes, with a range of 400 kilometers" by using such innovative technologies as super-electronic network anode, the second-generation fast-ion ring, and ultra-high-conductivity electrolyte.

Up to now, the Shenxing Supercharger Battery has been installed in Chery, Avita, Ne Zha Auto, and other brands.

The Shenxing superfast charging is a battery product with "4C superfast charging" as its main selling point, which is characterized by CATL as "the world's first 4C superfast charging using lithium iron phosphate material and capable of large-scale mass production". At the conference in August, CATL said that the launch of the product is "another milestone in the history of power battery technology development, which will accelerate the process of comprehensive electrification".

CATL has previously publicly responded to the 4C fast-charging technology with a positive attitude. CATL believes that "in the long run, automobile enterprises have a stronger will to launch differentiated competitive products, and 4C fast charging technology is expected to occupy a considerable market share". However, CATL also suggests that the application scale of 4C fast-charging technology is not only determined by the battery but also depends on the car model planning of car enterprises.
In addition to the eye-catching "charge 10 minutes, range of 400 kilometers" charging speed, "lithium iron phosphate" is another keyword of industry concern. As the battery cathode is based on a lithium iron phosphate material system, the cost of the Shenxing 4C superfast charging battery will be compared to the ternary material fast-charging battery has been greatly reduced, which gives the battery has the advantage of performance in addition.

Unlike the Kirin battery, which uses ternary lithium materials, the Shenxing superfast charging battery uses lithium iron phosphate materials (Lifepo4 Battery). The industry generally expects that this change in material selection will result in a significant drop in battery costs, to achieve super-charging technology in the popular models of the popular application, that is, to achieve the Chery in response to the cooperation mentioned in the "science and technology affirmative action". Previously, in the cost pressure, super fast charging is suitable for the price of more than 250,000 high-end vehicles, the industry is expected to cover mainly 150,000-300,000 yuan of pure electric models.

At present, Chery Group has not specified the specific model and product pricing of the models equipped with the Shenxing superfast charging battery. However, the StarTour StarTour positioning is still relatively high-end, to today's Chery Group officially opened the blind order StarTour StarTour StarTour ES models, for example, the model is positioned as a medium-sized sedan, is the StarTour brand's high-end series of models, the blind order price starts at 260,000 yuan.

In addition to battery manufacturers, new energy vehicle enterprises to benefit from the promotion of supercharging technology, new energy industry in the upstream materials, and terminal charging links are expected to follow the upgrade. Everbright securities analyst Yin Zhongshu and another research report that pointed out that high-voltage fast charging needs a battery - vehicle - pile - network end of the synergistic upgrading of the battery and materials end of the penetration rate is expected to be the first to see a rapid increase. Among them, high-pressure fast charging in the battery and material end of the landing is the first step, penetration rate is expected to first see an increase in the subsequent charging pile end of the high-power, car end of the 800V high-voltage will be the focus of the next stage.

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