At 2023 Tech G, BAK Battery empowers smart life with full-scenario innovation

  • 2023-12-28 10:34
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On October 12, the Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Exhibition arrived, injecting new momentum into innovative consumer electronics smart terminals. BAK Battery made an appearance with its large cylindrical battery cells, small power batteries, energy storage batteries, semi-solid polymer batteries and other product matrices, demonstrating its forward-looking innovation results in multiple application fields, achieving multi-scenario and global empowerment with its entire series of products, and building A comprehensive solution for lithium batteries and smart life.


* BAK Battery Booth Presents Multiple Scenarios and Full Area Empowerment

Full series of products: large cylinder, small power, polymer, and square energy storage series products are all unveiled

Since its launch, BAK's large cylindrical series products have always been the focus of attention from the industry and the public. BAK Battery has made a forward-looking and strategic layout in the large cylindrical battery series. The performance and application progress are in line with expectations, and it is fully prepared for mass production.

At present, BAK's small power cylindrical products cover two series, 18650 and 21700, and have won the approval of Ecovacs, Xiaomi, TTI, Midea, Meituan, Hello Travel, Zhuimi, Shitou Technology, Dianxiaoer, Bisheng, Hyperice, etc. Widely recognized by well-known customers at home and abroad. BAK batteries integrate six performance advantages: high energy density, long cycle life, high rate, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability and high safety. It can be adapted to professional and industrial tools, high-speed electric motorcycles and high-power vacuum cleaners. , AGV, portable energy storage, sweeping robots and other diverse application scenarios. In order to promote further breakthroughs in the performance of small power products, BAK is using large cylindrical full-lug technology to feed back the small power cylindrical series products, comprehensively improving the superior performance and empowering the expressiveness of consumer end products.


* BAK Battery cylindrical series products

While developing cylindrical batteries, BAK Battery has opened up a number of technical system routes in polymer lithium-ion batteries, including high-safety iron-lithium systems, mature wide-temperature chemical systems, high-rate small polymer battery systems, High-rate lamination and multi-pole cell systems, etc., take into account the advantages of high safety, high-power fast charging, long cycle, strong operating temperature adaptability, multiple specifications, etc., with capacities ranging from 20mAh to 10,000mAh, meeting the requirements of intelligence and the Internet of Things. It meets the needs of consumer electronic terminals such as miniaturization, lightweight, and sharing, and can be used in scenarios such as sports bracelets, Bluetooth headsets, handheld printers, and drones. It is worth noting that this time Tech G has further reduced the liquid electrolyte content through the optimization of in-situ interface solidification technology, and has high safety and high energy density. It has currently sent samples to domestic and foreign customers in the field of three-proofing and will be used in the future. to a wide range of consumer electronic products such as explosion-proof mobile phones and tablets, professional and consumer drones, and two-wheelers.


* BAK Semi Solid Polymer Battery Makes Its First Appearance


* BAK Square Series Products

In addition, BAK energy storage batteries not only use extreme top cover technology, which effectively improves the compaction density of positive and negative materials and the efficiency of negative electrodes, with an energy density exceeding 185Wh/kg, but also optimizes materials such as graphite electrodes, electrolyte additives, and graphene conductivity With the support of coating technology, the cycle life can reach up to more than 10,000 times, and the low-temperature performance spans the range of -20°C to +55°C, making it capable of meeting the needs and challenges of durability, large power, and unstable working environments in household scenarios.


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