EVE Energy Launches New ‘Mr.Big’ LF560K Super Large Battery Cell

  • 2023-12-28 10:32
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EVE Energy has released a new generation of “Mr.Big” LF560K super large lifepo4 battery cell at the second China International Energy Storage Exhibition and the 10th China International Photovoltaic Storage and Charging Conference. The event was grandly held with the witness of industry colleagues, and EVE Energy demonstrated the infinite possibilities of energy storage with the new super large battery cell LF560K.


With the rapid development of the energy storage market and the fast-approaching TWh era, EVE Energy has released a new generation of “Mr.Big” - LF560K. As a leading energy storage cell in the market, it has attracted high attention from industry colleagues.


The new generation LF560K has an increased capacity of 628Ah, a super large energy of 2.009kWh, and a super long cycle life of over 12,000. It is mainly used in large-scale, 4h and above wind-light storage, shared/independent energy storage and other application scenarios, and will promote energy transformation and upgrading in a safer and more economical way.


At the same time, LF560K, as an energy storage battery with extreme technical creativity and production imagination, redefines ESS (energy storage system) with three major advantages: easier, safer, and super-economic. It can effectively meet the trend of the TWh era.

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